Contract ManufacturingWhether you are interested in using one of our stock formulations or developing your own private label, our facilities can provide you with the best quality products.

We service client of all sizes, our facilities are designed to easily manufacture any quantity and all types of products including: Capsules, Powders, Tablets, Veggie Caps, Soft gels, Juices, Serums, Creams and Sprays.

With over 160,000 square feet, we develop products at the highest level of technology and are known for the quality of our equipment, the speed of our manufacturing and the reliability of our fulfillment staff. Partnering with Avexyl Pharma assures you are delivering pure, quality-controlled products that will attract the attention of consumers worldwide.

Begin building your brand with a FREE consultation with an Avexyl Pharma specialist, who can assess your business needs and help determine which types of products and formulas will best suit your clientele.

Once you have completed the formulation process, we can determine the most effective delivery system for your nutraceutical. We take into consideration absorption, bioavailability, use, and safety of the product – your team will have the expertise to recommend the best product for your market and customers. Because we utilize the latest technology in the industry, we can offer the newest innovations such as sublingual tablets and time released capsules, So no matter what product form your supplement is – from liquids to creams, gels to lotions, or even specialized veggie caps or soft gelatins – from large to small – the manufacturing processes at Avexyl Pharma can handle it.

Avexyl Pharma's talented team will assist you in making the appropriate choices for all your products. You can trust that our expertise and industry knowledge will create top-quality, functional and appropriate products for your markets – to grow your business.